Substory #31 – Like Father, Like SonLove conquers all!

Substory #31 – Like Father, Like SonLove conquers all!

Substory #36 – Whispers of the UnderworldLau Lau Chow YeahLau Chau Chau Ya + IntellectChoo Choo YowzaLove You Love You Booyah + Charisma

Han Drink Link 4Welp, drinks on me, then. + KindnessIt’s not over yet! + PassionYou sure look calm. + Intellect

Zhao Drink Link 1I’ve got your back either way. + KindnessYou’re not the type. + PassionI try not to judge off looks. + Intellect

Zhao Drink Link 2You should see me when I strip down. + CharismaYou’d know if they were a yakuza. + StylePeople are more than meets the eye. + Intellect

Zhao Drink Link 3Anybody’d be better by comparison. + KindnessI dunno about that. + PassionWhat-ifs don’t mean much. + Intellect

Zhao Drink Link 4I don’t wanna kick a man while he’s down. + KindnessTime to put the final nail in the coffin. + PassionWe shouldn’t underestimate him. + Intellect

Substory #07 – Baby Don’t CryHow about getting some rest?

Substory #04 – One Man’s TrashI’ll help clean, too. +10 KindnessHow much you want for all of it? +20 Passion (You can actually offer him 10 million on NG+)Your wife’s probably turning in her grave. +10 Confidence

Substory #06 – It’s the Thought that Counts(The first and last choice are wrong, since you have to pick Handmade Goods anyway, but you only get points for the first choice)Latest Game Console +10 StyleHandmade Goods +10 KindnessMe +10 Charisma

Substory #19 – Bubble Bubble, Toil and TroubleHe’s on his way out of a soapland.He’s just a pervert.It’s a long story. +10 Passion (Only if you pick this first)

Substory #22 – An Act of KindnessNear the LadiesNear the Street PerformerNear the Popular Eatery + Intellect (Only if you pick this first)

Substory #29 – The Michio MinefieldPress the Button > Mash the Button + ConfidencePress the Button > Not Now + IntellectDon’t Press the Button + Intellect


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